Here list of Nepenthes Hybrids Species There are many hybrid Nepenthes and numerous named cultivars. The following are named natural hybrids:

N. × alisaputrana (N. burbidgeae × N. rajah)
N. × bauensis (N. gracilis × N. northiana)
N. × cantleyi (N. bicalcarata × N. gracilis)
N. × cincta (N. albomarginata × N. northiana)
N. × ferrugineomarginata (N. albomarginata × N. reinwardtiana)
N. × ghazallyana (N. gracilis × N. mirabilis)
N. × harryana (N. edwardsiana × N. villosa)
N. × hookeriana (N. ampullaria × N. rafflesiana)
N. × kinabaluensis (N. rajah × N. villosa)
N. × kuchingensis (N. ampullaria × N. mirabilis)
N. × merrilliata (N. alata × N. merrilliana)
N. × mirabilata (N. alata × N. mirabilis)
N. × pangulubauensis (N. mikei × N. pectinata)
N. × pyriformis (N. inermis × N. talangensis)
N. × sarawakiensis (N. muluensis × N. tentaculata)
N. × trichocarpa (N. ampullaria × N. gracilis)
N. × truncalata (N. alata × N. truncata)
N. × trusmadiensis (N. lowii × N. macrophylla)
N. × tsangoya ((N. alata × N. merrilliana) × N. mirabilis)
N. × ventrata (N. alata × N. ventricosa)

Some of the more well known artificially produced hybrids include:
N. 'Coccinea' ((N. rafflesiana × N. ampullaria) × N. mirabilis)
N. × emmarene (N. khasiana × N. ventricosa)
N. 'Gentle' (N. fusca × N. maxima)
N. 'Judith Finn' (N. veitchii × N. spathulata)
N. 'Miranda' ((N. maxima × N. northiana) × N. maxima)
N. 'Mixta' (N. northiana × N. maxima)
N. 'Ventrata' (N. ventricosa × N. alata)
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List of Nepenthes species :
( Kantung Semar )

Nepenthes adnata
Nepenthes adrianii
Nepenthes alata
Nepenthes albomarginata
Nepenthes ampullaria
Nepenthes anamensis
Nepenthes angasanensis
Nepenthes argentii
Nepenthes aristolochioides
Nepenthes beccariana
Nepenthes bellii
Nepenthes benstonei
Nepenthes bicalcarata
Nepenthes bongso
Nepenthes boschiana
Nepenthes burbidgeae
Nepenthes burkei
Nepenthes campanulata
Nepenthes carunculata
Nepenthes chaniana
Nepenthes clipeata
Nepenthes copelandii
Nepenthes danseri
Nepenthes deaniana
Nepenthes densiflora
Nepenthes diatas
Nepenthes distillatoria
Nepenthes dubia
Nepenthes edwardsiana
Nepenthes ephippiata
Nepenthes eustachya
Nepenthes eymae
Nepenthes faizaliana
Nepenthes fusca
Nepenthes glabrata
Nepenthes glandulifera
Nepenthes globosa
Nepenthes gracilis
Nepenthes gracillima
Nepenthes gymnamphora
Nepenthes hamata
Nepenthes hirsuta
Nepenthes hispida
Nepenthes hurrelliana
Nepenthes inermis
Nepenthes insignis
Nepenthes izumiae
Nepenthes jacquelineae
Nepenthes jamban
Nepenthes junghuhnii
Nepenthes khasiana
Nepenthes klossii
Nepenthes lamii
Nepenthes lavicola
Nepenthes lingulata
Nepenthes longifolia
Nepenthes lowii
Nepenthes macfarlanei
Nepenthes macrophylla
Nepenthes macrovulgaris
Nepenthes madagascariensis
Nepenthes mapuluensis
Nepenthes masoalensis
Nepenthes maxima
Nepenthes merrilliana
Nepenthes mikei
Nepenthes mindanaoensis
Nepenthes mira
Nepenthes mirabilis
Nepenthes mollis
Nepenthes muluensis
Nepenthes murudensis
Nepenthes naquiyuddinii
Nepenthes neoguineensis
Nepenthes northiana
Nepenthes ovata
Nepenthes paniculata
Nepenthes papuana
Nepenthes pectinata
Nepenthes pervillei
Nepenthes petiolata
Nepenthes philippinensis
Nepenthes pilosa
Nepenthes platychila
Nepenthes rafflesiana
Nepenthes rajah
Nepenthes ramispina
Nepenthes reinwardtiana
Nepenthes rhombicaulis
Nepenthes rigidifolia
Nepenthes rowanae
Nepenthes sanguinea
Nepenthes saranganiensis
Nepenthes sibuyanensis
Nepenthes singalana
Nepenthes smilesii
Nepenthes spathulata
Nepenthes spectabilis
Nepenthes stenophylla
Nepenthes sumatrana
Nepenthes talangensis
Nepenthes tenax
Nepenthes tentaculata
Nepenthes tenuis
Nepenthes thorelii
Nepenthes tobaica
Nepenthes tomoriana
Nepenthes treubiana
Nepenthes truncata
Nepenthes veitchii
Nepenthes ventricosa
Nepenthes vieillardii
Nepenthes villosa
Nepenthes vogelii
Nepenthes xiphioides
Nepenthes zakriana
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Nepenthes (Indonesian name : Kantung Semar )
Nepenthes can also refer to Nepenthe, a drug of forgetfulness mentioned in Greek mythology.
The Nepenthes (IPA pronunciation: /nə.pɛnˈθiz/, from Greek: ne = not, penthos = grief, sorrow; named after the ancient drug Nepenthe), popularly known as Tropical Pitcher Plants or Monkey Cups, are a genus of carnivorous plants in the monotypic family Nepenthaceae that comprises roughly 116 species, numerous natural and many cultivated hybrids. They are vine forming plants of the Old World tropics, ranging from South China, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines; westward to Madagascar (2 species) and the Seychelles (1); southward to Australia (3) and New Caledonia (1); and northward to India (1) and Sri Lanka (1). The greatest diversity occurs on Borneo and Sumatra with many endemic species. Many are plants of hot humid lowland areas, but the majority are tropical montane plants, receiving warm days but cool to cold humid nights year round. A few are considered tropical alpine with cool days and nights near freezing. The name 'Monkey Cups' refers to the fact that monkeys have been observed drinking rainwater from these plants.

Morphology and function

The plants usually consist of a shallow root system and a prostrate or climbing stem, often several metres long, and usually 1 cm or less in diameter, although this may be thicker in a few species (e.g. N. bicalcarata). From the stems arise leaf-like expanded petioles, similar to certain Citrus spp., ending in a tendril, which in some species aid in climbing, and at the end of which forms the pitcher, considered the true leaf. The pitcher starts as a small bud and gradually expands to form a globe- or tube-shaped trap.

Basic structure of an upper pitcher

The trap contains a fluid of the plant's own production, which may be watery or syrupy and is used to drown the prey. The lower part of the trap contains glands which absorb nutrients from captured prey. For detailed information on the digestion process, see the External Links section. Along the upper inside part of the trap is a slick waxy coating which makes the escape of its prey nearly impossible. Surrounding the entrance to the trap is a structure called the peristome (the "lip") which is slippery and often quite colorful, attracting prey but offering an unsure footing. Above the peristome is a lid (the operculum): in many species this keeps rain from diluting the fluid within the pitcher, the underside of which may contain nectar glands which attract prey.

Nepenthes usually produce two different types of pitchers. Appearing near the base of the plant are the large lower traps, which typically sit on the ground, while the upper pitchers may be smaller, colored differently, and have different features than the lower pitchers. These upper pitchers usually form as the plant reaches maturity and the plant grows taller. To keep the plant steady, the upper pitchers form a loop in the tendril, allowing it to wrap around nearby support. In some species (e.g. N. rafflesiana) different prey may be attracted by different types of pitchers.

Prey usually consists of insects, but the largest species (N. rajah, N. merrilliana, etc.) may occasionally catch small vertebrates, such as rats and lizards. Flowers occur in racemes or more rarely in panicles with male and female flowers on separate plants. Seed is produced in a four-sided capsule which may contain 10-60 or more seeds, consisting of a central ovary and two wings, one on either side. Seeds are wind distributed.


Nepenthes may be cultivated in greenhouses. Easier species include N. alata, N. ventricosa, N. khasiana, and N. sanguinea. These four species are highlanders (N. alata has both lowland and highland forms), some easy lowlander species are N. rafflesiana, N.bicalcarata, N.mirabilis, and N.hirsuta.

"Highlander" forms are those species that grow in habitats that are generally higher up in elevation, and thus exposed to cooler evening temperatures. "Lowlander" forms are those species that grow nearer to sealevel.

Both forms respond best to rainwater (but tap water works as long as you flush it out with rainwater every month), bright light (not full sun), a well drained but moisture holding medium, good air circulation and a relatively high humidity. Highland species must have night-time cooling to thrive in the long-term. Chemical fertilisers are probably best avoided or used at low strength. Occasional feeding with frozen (thawed before use) crickets may be beneficial. Terrarium culture of smaller plants like N. bellii, N. × trichocarpa and N. ampullaria is possible, but most plants will get too large over time.

Plants can be propagated by seed, cuttings, and tissue culture. Seeds may be sown on damp chopped Sphagnum moss, or on sterile plant tissue culture media once they have been properly disinfected. The seeds generally become inviable soon after harvesting, so seed are not usually the preferred method of propagation. A 50:50 mixture of orchid medium with moss or perlite is suitable for germination and culture. Seed may take two months to germinate, and two years or more to yield mature plants. Cuttings may be rooted in damp Sphagnum moss in a plastic bag or tank with high humidity and moderate light. They can begin to root in 1-2 months and start to form pitchers in about six months.

Tissue culture is now used commercially and helps reduce collection of wild plants, as well as making many rare species available to hobbyists at reasonable prices. Nepenthes are considered threatened or endangered plants and are listed in CITES appendices 1 & 2.

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bamboo bonsai
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bonsai bamboo

bamboo bonsai

Bonsai Tree - Santigi Bonsai Bonsai Tree - Santigi Bonsai (Phempis Acidula)
This bonsai tree won at Jombang - Indonesia 2006 contest.

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Bonsai Tree

Here the picture of aglaonema Adelia

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Here picture of white samiya. if some one vane other name you can post comment. Click Read more for large picture of this anthurium yellow plant plant

anthurium picture

Anthurium Plant

Picture of Anthurium Wave of Love (Gelombang Cinta)
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Anthurium Wave of Love (Gelombang Cinta)

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About Anthurium

About Anthurium

Anthurium (Schott, 1829), is a large neotropical genus of about 600- 800 (possibly 1,000) species, belonging to the arum family (Araceae). It is the largest and probably the most complex genus of this family. Many species are undoubtedly not described yet and new ones are being found every year.

They grow in the most diverse habitats, mostly in wet tropical mountain forest of Central America and South America, but some in semi-arid environments. Most species occur in Panama, Colombia and Ecuador.

Anthurium grows in many forms, mostly evergreen, bushy or climbing epiphytes with relatively few roots. They occur also as terrestrials or lithophytes. Some are only found in association with arboreal ant colonies or growing on rocks in midstream (such as A. amnicola).

The stems are short to elongate with a length between 15 and 30 cm. The simple leaves come in many shapes. Most leaves are to be found at the end of the stem. They can be spatulate, rounded, or obtuse at the apex. They may be erect or spreading in a rosette, with a length up to 40 cm. The upper surface is matted or semiglossy. The leaves are petiolate. In drier environments, the leaves can take a bird's-nest-shape rosette that enables the plant to collect water. Terrestrials or epiphytes usually have cordate leaves. Some grow as vines with rosettes of lanceolate leaves. Some species have many-lobed leaves.

The flowers are small (about 3 mm) and develop crowded in a spike with a fleshy axis and called a spadix, a characteristic of the arums. This spadix can take on many forms (club-shaped, tapered, spiraled, and globe-shaped) and colors (white, green, purple, red, pink, or a combination).

Usually just below the flower spike lies a colorful, solitary spathe: a showy modified bract that can be somewhat leathery in texture. The spathe consists of a tightly packed column of spirally arranged, tiny flowers. The spathe can vary in color from pale green to white, rose, orange or shiny red (such as A. andrenaum). The color changes between the bud stage and the anthesis, (the time the flower expands). Thus the color might change from pale green to reddish purple to reddish brown.

The flowers are hermaphrodite, containing male and female flowers. The fruits are usually berries with one to multiple seeds on a pendent infructescence.

The flowers of Anthurium give off a variety of fragrances, each attracting a variety of specific pollinators.

Several species are popular in the florist trade as pot plants or cut flowers and for interior decoration. They include forms such as A. crystallinum f peltifolium with its large, velvety, darkgreen leaves and silvery white venation. Most hybrids are based on A. andreanum or A. scherzerianum because of their colorful spathes
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This is a list of Anthurium species:

Anthurium is a large genus of flowering plants from the arum family (Araceae)

Anthurium acaule
Anthurium acaule var. ellipticum
Anthurium acaule var. scolopendrium
Anthurium acutangulum
Anthurium acutifolium
Anthurium acutifolium var. acutifolium
Anthurium acutifolium var. herrerae
Anthurium acutinervium
Anthurium acutissimum
Anthurium acutum
Anthurium aduncum
Anthurium affine
Anthurium agnatum
Anthurium alatipedunculatum
Anthurium albaretii
Anthurium albicaule
Anthurium albidum
Anthurium albispatha
Anthurium albocostatum
Anthurium albovirescens

Flamingo Lily (Anthurium andreanum)
Anthurium album hort. (A. andreanum x A. clementinae)
Anthurium alegriasense
Anthurium alienigenum
Anthurium allendorfii x hort
Anthurium alticola
Anthurium amnicola
Anthurium amoenum
Anthurium amoenum var. amoenum
Anthurium amoenum var. humile
Anthurium anceps
Anthurium x andegavense hort.
Anthurium andicola
Anthurium andinum
Anthurium andreanum : Flamingo Lily
Anthurium angosturense
Anthurium angamarcanum
Anthurium angustatum
Anthurium angustilaminatum
Anthurium angustilaminatum subsp. angustilaminatum
Anthurium angustilaminatum subsp. cibuserpentis
Anthurium angustilobum
Anthurium angustinum
Anthurium angustisectum
Anthurium angustispadix
Anthurium anorianum
Anthurium antioquiense
Anthurium antonioanum
Anthurium antrophyoides
Anthurium apaporanum
Anthurium araliaefolium
Anthurium argyrostachyum
Anthurium aripoense
Anthurium arisaemoides
Anthurium aristatum
Anthurium armeniense
Anthurium aroense
Anthurium asplundii
Anthurium atropurpureum
Anthurium atropurperum var. arenicola
Anthurium atropurpureum var. atropurpureum
Anthurium atropurpureum var. thomasii
Anthurium atroviride
Anthurium aucanum
Anthurium augustinum
Anthurium aureum
Anthurium auritum
Anthurium austinsmithii
Anthurium baezanum
Anthurium bakeri
Anthurium balaoanum
Anthurium balslevii
Anthurium barbadosense
Anthurium barclayanum
Anthurium barryi
Anthurium basirotundum
Anthurium belangeri
Anthurium bellum
Anthurium beltianum
Anthurium bernardii
Anthurium berriozabalense
Anthurium berryi
Anthurium besseae
Anthurium betanianum
Anthurium bicollectivum
Anthurium bicolor
Anthurium bimarginatum
Anthurium binotii
Anthurium bittneri
Anthurium blanchetianum
Anthurium bogotense
Anthurium bonplandii
Anthurium bonplandii subsp. bonplandii
Anthurium bonplandii subsp. cuatrecasii
Anthurium bonplandii subsp. guayananum
Anthurium bradeanum
Anthurium bredemeyeri
Anthurium bredemeyeri var. elongatum
Anthurium bredemeyeri var. lanceolatum
Anthurium brenesii
Anthurium brevilobum
Anthurium brevipedunculatum
Anthurium brevipes
Anthurium breviscapum
Anthurium brevispadix
Anthurium brewsteri
Anthurium brittonianum
Anthurium bromelicola
Anthurium bromelicola subsp. bahiense
Anthurium bromelicola subsp? bromelicola
Anthurium brownii
Anthurium bucayanum
Anthurium buchtienii
Anthurium buganum
Anthurium buganum var. acutangulum
Anthurium buglossum
Anthurium bulaoanum
Anthurium bullianum
Anthurium bullosum
Anthurium burfordiense x hort.
Anthurium burgeri
Anthurium bushii
Anthurium cabrerense
Anthurium cabuyalense
Anthurium cachabianum
Anthurium cainarachense
Anthurium calense
Anthurium caloveboranum
Anthurium campii
Anthurium camposii
Anthurium canaliculatum
Anthurium candolleanum
Anthurium caperatum
Anthurium caraboboense
Anthurium caramantae
Anthurium carchiense
Anthurium carinatum
Anthurium caripense
Anthurium carneospadix
Anthurium carnosum
Anthurium cartiense
Anthurium cartilagineum
Anthurium cataniapoense
Anthurium caucanum
Anthurium caucanum var. maximum
Anthurium caulorrhizum
Anthurium ceratiinum
Anthurium ceronii
Anthurium cerrobaulense
Anthurium cerrocampanense
Anthurium cerropelonense
Anthurium cerropirrense
Anthurium chamberlaini
Anthurium chamulense
Anthurium chamulense ssp. chamulense
Anthurium chamulense ssp. oaxacanum
Anthurium x chantinianum (A. andreanum x A. houletianum
Anthurium x chantrieri hort.) (A. subsignatum x A. nymphaeifolium
Anthurium x chelseiensis
Anthurium chiapasense
Anthurium chiapasense ssp. chiapasense.
Anthurium chiapasense subsp. tlaxiacense
Anthurium chiriquense
Anthurium chlorostachyum
Anthurium chorense
Anthurium chorranum
Anthurium chromostachyum
Anthurium cineraceum
Anthurium cinereopetiolatum
Anthurium circinatum
Anthurium citrifolium
Anthurium citrifolium var. purpureospadix
Anthurium citrifolium var. verruculosum
Anthurium clarinervium
Anthurium clathratum
Anthurium clavatum
Anthurium clavigerum
Anthurium cleistanthum
Anthurium x clementinae (A. lindenianum x A. andreanum)
Anthurium clidemioides
Anthurium clidemioides subsp. pacificum
Anthurium cochliodes
Anthurium coclense
Anthurium coerulescens
Anthurium cogolloanum
Anthurium collinsii
Anthurium colocasiaefolium
Anthurium colonense
Anthurium colonicum
Anthurium coloradense
Anthurium comtum
Anthurium concinnatum
Anthurium concolor
Anthurium conjuctum
Anthurium consimile
Anthurium consobrinum
Anthurium conspicuum
Anthurium conterminum
Anthurium corallinum
Anthurium cordatotriangulum
Anthurium cordatum
Anthurium cordifolium
Anthurium cordiforme
Anthurium cordiforme var. divergens
Anthurium cordulatum
Anthurium coriaceum
Anthurium coripatense
Anthurium correae
Anthurium corrugatum
Anthurium costatum
Anthurium cotobrusii
Anthurium cowanii
Anthurium crassifolium
Anthurium crassilaminum
Anthurium crassinervium
Anthurium crassinervium var. caatingae
Anthurium crassipes
Anthurium crassiradix
Anthurium crassiradix var. crassiradix
Anthurium crassiradix var. purpureospadix
Anthurium crassitepalum
Anthurium crassivenium
Anthurium cremersii
Anthurium crenatum
Anthurium croatii
Anthurium x crombezianum x hort.
Anthurium x cruentum
Anthurium crystallinum
Anthurium crystallinum fo. peltifolium
Anthurium cuasicanum
Anthurium cubense
Anthurium cucullatum
Anthurium cucullispathum
Anthurium cuenzanum
Anthurium x cultorum
Anthurium cultrifolium
Anthurium cundinamarcense
Anthurium cuneatissimum
Anthurium cupreonitens
Anthurium cupreum
Anthurium cupulispathum
Anthurium curtispadix
Anthurium curvatum
Anthurium curvilaminum
Anthurium curvispadix
Anthurium cuspidatum
Anthurium cuspidiferum
Anthurium cutucuense
Anthurium cymbiforme
Anthurium cymbispatha
Anthurium cyrtopodum hort.
Anthurium davidsoniae
Anthurium debilipeltatum
Anthurium decurrens
Anthurium deflexum
Anthurium dendrobates
Anthurium denudatum
Anthurium x desmetianum x hort (A. leopoldianum x A. andreanum)
Anthurium devansayanum
Anthurium dichrophyllum
Anthurium dictyophyllum
Anthurium digitatum
Anthurium discolor
Anthurium dolichophyllum
Anthurium dolichostachyum
Anthurium dombeyanum
Anthurium dominicense
Anthurium dominicense var. sintenisii
Anthurium draconopterum
Anthurium dressleri
Anthurium dukei
Anthurium durandii
Anthurium dussii
Anthurium dwyeri
Anthurium eburneum
Anthurium ecuadorense
Anthurium eduardii
Anthurium effusilobum
Anthurium eggersii
Anthurium eichleri
Anthurium elatius
Anthurium elegantulum
Anthurium ellipsoideum
Anthurium emarginatum
Anthurium eminens
Anthurium engleri
Anthurium erectum
Anthurium ernestii
Anthurium ernestii var. oellgaardii
Anthurium erythrocarpum
Anthurium erythropodum
Anthurium erythrostachyum
Anthurium esmeraldense
Anthurium x excelsior x hort
Anthurium eximium
Anthurium expansum
Anthurium exstipulatum
Anthurium falcatum
Anthurium fasciale
Anthurium x fastuosum hort
Anthurium fatoense
Anthurium fendleri
Anthurium fernandezii
Anthurium x ferrierense (A. andreanum x A. nymphaeifolium)
Anthurium filiforme
Anthurium flavescens
Anthurium flavidum
Anthurium flavo-lineatum
Anthurium flavoviride
Anthurium flexile
Anthurium flexile ssp. flexile
Anthurium flexile ssp. muelleri
Anthurium folsomianum
Anthurium fontoides
Anthurium foreroanum
Anthurium forgetii
Anthurium formosum
Anthurium fornicifolium
Anthurium fragrantissimum
Anthurium fraseri
Anthurium friedrichsthalii
Anthurium x froebelii hort. (A. ornatum x A. andreanum)
Anthurium fulvo-lineatum
Anthurium funiferum
Anthurium furcatum
Anthurium fusiforme
Anthurium fuscopunctatum
Anthurium gaffurii
Anthurium galactospadix
Anthurium x galeottii hort.
Anthurium x gandavense hort.
Anthurium gandogeri
Anthurium gaudichaudianum
Anthurium gaudichaudianum var. chamissonis
Anthurium gaudichaudianum var. cuneifolium
Anthurium gaudichaudianum var. libonianum
Anthurium gehrigeri
Anthurium geitnerianum
Anthurium geniculatum
Anthurium gentryi
Anthurium gilgii
Anthurium ginesii
Anthurium gladiifolium
Anthurium glanduligerum
Anthurium glaucophyllum
Anthurium glaucospadix
Anthurium globosum
Anthurium gloriosum
Anthurium x goldringi hort.
Anthurium gonzalezii
Anthurium gracile
Anthurium gracililaminum
Anthurium gracilipedunculatum
Anthurium gracilispadix
Anthurium gracilistipum
Anthurium grande
Anthurium grandifolium
Anthurium x greigii hort
Anthurium grex-avium
Anthurium x greyanum hort
Anthurium griseum
Anthurium x grusonii
Anthurium gualeanum
Anthurium guallupense
Anthurium guanacense
Anthurium guanchezii
Anthurium guayaquilense
Anthurium guildingii
Anthurium gunnarii
Anthurium gustavii
Anthurium guyaquilense
Anthurium gymnopus
Anthurium hacumense
Anthurium hagsaterianum
Anthurium hahnii
Anthurium halmoorei
Anthurium hammelii
Anthurium x hardyanum (A. andreanum x A. eduardii
Anthurium harlingianum
Anthurium harrisii
Anthurium harrisii fo. assimile
Anthurium harrisii var. assimile
Anthurium harrisii fo. beyrichianum
Anthurium harrisii var. beyrichianum
Anthurium harrisii var. consanguineum
Anthurium harrisii var. erythropodum
Anthurium harrisii var. grahamianum
Anthurium harrisii var. ianthinopodum
Anthurium harrisii var. intermedium
Anthurium harrisii var. pulchrum
Anthurium hastaefolium
Anthurium x hastiferum hort. (A. leuconeurum x A. subsignatum?)
Anthurium hebetatilaminum
Anthurium hebetatum
Anthurium hebetatilaminum
Anthurium heptaphyllum
Anthurium x hero (A. crystallinum x A. veitchii)
Anthurium herthae
Anthurium heteroclitum
Anthurium hickenii
Anthurium hickenii var. leiophyllum
Anthurium hickenii var. ovaliellipticum
Anthurium hieronymi
Anthurium hoehnei
Anthurium hoffmannii
Anthurium x hollandi hort.
Anthurium holmgrenii
Anthurium holmnielsenii
Anthurium holtonianum var. cohaerens
Anthurium hookeri
Anthurium hookeri var. longecuneatum
Anthurium hooveri
Anthurium hornitense
Anthurium x hortulanum
Anthurium x hrubyi hort. (A.? walujewii x A.? spendidum)
Anthurium huallagense
Anthurium huanucense
Anthurium huixtlense
Anthurium humboldtianum
Anthurium humboldtianum subsp. viridispadix
Anthurium humoense
Anthurium hutchisonii
Anthurium x hybridum hort.
Anthurium hygrophilum
Anthurium hylaeum
Anthurium hylophilum
Anthurium idmense
Anthurium imperiale
Anthurium impolitum
Anthurium incomptum
Anthurium interruptum
Anthurium incomptum var. wintersii
Anthurium inconspicuum
Anthurium incurvatum
Anthurium incurvatum var. elatius
Anthurium incurvum
Anthurium infectorium
Anthurium insculptum
Anthurium insigne
Anthurium interruptum
Anthurium inzanum
Anthurium iramirezae
Anthurium x isarense (A. veitchii x A. andreanum)
Anthurium isertianum
Anthurium itanhaense
Anthurium jamesoni
Anthurium jaramilloi
Anthurium jefense
Anthurium jenmanii
Anthurium jilekii
Anthurium jimenae
Anthurium johnsoniae
Anthurium jorgensenii
Anthurium julianii
Anthurium julianii subsp. smaragdinum
Anthurium julospadix
Anthurium jureianum
Anthurium kallunkiae
Anthurium kamemotoanum
Anthurium karstenianum
Anthurium kastelskii
Anthurium x kellerianum hort. (A. leuconeurum x A. sp.),
Anthurium kellermannii
Anthurium knappiae
Anthurium kolbii
Anthurium kunthii
Anthurium lacerdae
Anthurium laciniosum
Anthurium lactifructum
Anthurium x laingi hort. (A. andreanum x A. chantrieri)
Anthurium lancea
Anthurium lanceolatum
Anthurium lancetillense
Anthurium x lanceum (A. galeotii x A. miquelianum)
Anthurium lancifolium
Anthurium lancifolium var. albifructum
Anthurium lancifolium var. lancifolium
Anthurium langsdorffii
Anthurium lanjouwii
Anthurium latecordatum
Anthurium latemarginatum
Anthurium latifolium
Anthurium latissimum
Anthurium x laucheanum hort
Anthurium laucheanum
Anthurium x lawrenceanum (A. andreanum x A. houletranum)
Anthurium lechlerianum
Anthurium lehmannii
Anthurium lennartii
Anthurium lentii
Anthurium x leodiense hort
Anthurium leonardianum
Anthurium leonianum
Anthurium leopoldianum
Anthurium leptocaule
Anthurium leptostachyum
Anthurium leuconeurum
Anthurium leucostachyum
Anthurium leveillei
Anthurium lezamae
Anthurium lhotzkyanum
Anthurium x liervali hort
Anthurium lievenii
Anthurium lilacinum
Anthurium x lindenianum hort.
Anthurium lindmanianum
Anthurium lineolatum
Anthurium lingua
Anthurium linguifolium
Anthurium litanum
Anthurium lividispica
Anthurium llanense
Anthurium llanoense subsp. oblongispicum
Anthurium llewelynii
Anthurium loefgrenii
Anthurium longegeniculatum
Anthurium longicaudatum
Anthurium longicuspidatum
Anthurium longifolium
Anthurium longifolium var. elongellum
Anthurium longilaminatum
Anthurium longipeltatum
Anthurium longipes
Anthurium longispadiceum
Anthurium longissimum
Anthurium longissimum subsp. nirguense
Anthurium longistamineum
Anthurium longistipitatum
Anthurium loretense
Anthurium louisii
Anthurium lubbersianum
Anthurium lucens
Anthurium lucidum
Anthurium lucorum
Anthurium lunatum
Anthurium luteolum
Anthurium lutescens
Anthurium luteynii
Anthurium macarenense
Anthurium macbridei
Anthurium macdanielii
Anthurium machetioides
Anthurium macrocephalum
Anthurium x macrolobium hort. (A. leuconeurum x A. pedatoradiatum)
Anthurium macrolonchium
Anthurium macrophyllum
Anthurium macrophyllum
Anthurium macrospadix
Anthurium macrostachyum
Anthurium macrourum
Anthurium maculosum
Anthurium madisonianum
Anthurium magnificum
Anthurium magnifolium
Anthurium maguirei
Anthurium x makoyanum hort.
Anthurium malianum
Anthurium manabianum
Anthurium mancuniense
Anthurium manuanum
Anthurium marense
Anthurium margaricarpum
Anthurium marinoanum
Anthurium marmoratum
Anthurium martianum
Anthurium masfense
Anthurium maximiliani
Anthurium melampyi
Anthurium melastomatis
Anthurium membranaceum
Anthurium mendoncai
Anthurium metallicum
Anthurium michelii
Anthurium miconiifolium
Anthurium microphyllum
Anthurium microstachyum
Anthurium minarum
Anthurium mindense
Anthurium miniatum
Anthurium microspadix
Anthurium miquelianum
Anthurium montanum
Anthurium monteverdense
Anthurium monticolum
Anthurium monzonense
Anthurium moonenii
Anthurium mooreanum
Anthurium x mortfontanense (A. andreanum x A. magnificum)
Anthurium mourai
Anthurium multinervium
Anthurium multisulcatum
Anthurium myosuroides
Anthurium myosurus
Anthurium nakamurae
Anthurium nanegalense
Anthurium nanospadix
Anthurium nanum
Anthurium napaeum
Anthurium narinoense
Anthurium navasii
Anthurium nelsonii
Anthurium nemorale
Anthurium nemoricola
Anthurium nervatum
Anthurium nicolasianum
Anthurium nigrescens
Anthurium nigropunctatum
Anthurium niqueanum
Anthurium nitens
Anthurium nitidulum
Anthurium nitidum
Anthurium nizandense
Anthurium nubicola
Anthurium nymphaeifolium
Anthurium nymphaeifolium var. cochleatum
Anthurium nymphaeifolium var. furcatum
Anthurium nymphaeifolium var. nymphaefolium
Anthurium obliquatum
Anthurium oblongatum
Anthurium oblongifolium
Anthurium oblongo-cordatum
Anthurium obscurinervium
Anthurium obtegens
Anthurium obtusatum
Anthurium obtusifolium
Anthurium obtusilobum
Anthurium obtusum
Anthurium occidentale
Anthurium ochraceum
Anthurium ochranthum
Anthurium ochreatum
Anthurium ochrostachyum
Anthurium oernestii var. oellgaardii
Anthurium oerstedianum
Anthurium olfersianum
Anthurium olfersianum var. acutangulum
Anthurium olfersianum var. alienigenum
Anthurium olfersianum var. leptostachyum
Anthurium olfersianum var. vellozianum
Anthurium oreodoxum
Anthurium oreodoxum var. cupreum
Anthurium oreodoxum var. stipitatum
Anthurium oreophilum
Anthurium organense
Anthurium orientale
Anthurium x ortgiesii' hort
Anthurium ottonis
Anthurium ovandense
Anthurium ovatifolium
Anthurium ovatum
Anthurium oxybelium
Anthurium oxycarpum.
Anthurium oxyphyllum
Anthurium oxystachyum
Anthurium pachylaminum
Anthurium pachyphyllum
Anthurium pachyspathum
Anthurium pageanum
Anthurium palacioanum
Anthurium palenquense
Anthurium pallatangense
Anthurium pallens
Anthurium pallidiflorum
Anthurium x pallidinervium (A. andreanum x A. warocqueanum)
Anthurium palmatum
Anthurium paludosum
Anthurium panamense
Anthurium panduriforme
Anthurium pangoanum
Anthurium papillilaminum
Anthurium papillosum
Anthurium x paradisae (A. andreanum x A. ornatum)
Anthurium paradisicum
Anthurium paraguayense
Anthurium paraguayense var. coroicoanum
Anthurium parambae
Anthurium pariense
Anthurium parile
Anthurium parvispathum
Anthurium parvum
Anthurium pastazanum
Anthurium patulum
Anthurium pauciflorum
Anthurium paucinerve
Anthurium pedatoradiatum
Anthurium pedatoradiatum ssp. helleborifolium
Anthurium pedatoradiatum ssp. pedatoradiatum
Anthurium pedatum
Anthurium pedunculare
Anthurium pedunculare var. intermedium
Anthurium pellucidopunctatum
Anthurium peltatum
Anthurium peltigerum
Anthurium pendens
Anthurium pendulifolium
Anthurium pendulispadix
Anthurium penningtonii
Anthurium pentaphyllum
Anthurium pentaphyllum var. bombacifolium
Anthurium pentaphyllum var. pentaphyllum
Anthurium pergamentaceum
Anthurium perijanum
Anthurium x perversum (A. leuconeurum x A. sp.)
Anthurium petrophilum
Anthurium pfitzeri
Anthurium philodendroides
Anthurium pichinchae fo. rigescens
Anthurium pilonense
Anthurium pirottae
Anthurium pirrense
Anthurium pittieri
Anthurium pittieri var. fogdenii
Anthurium pittieri var. morii
Anthurium pittieri var. pittieri
Anthurium plantagineum
Anthurium platyrhizum
Anthurium plowmanii
Anthurium pluricostatum
Anthurium plurisulcatum
Anthurium pluviaticum
Anthurium podophyllum
Anthurium pohlianum
Anthurium poiteanum
Anthurium polydactylum
Anthurium polyneuron
Anthurium polyphlebium
Anthurium polyschistum
Anthurium polystictum
Anthurium porrectum var. microspadix
Anthurium praealtum
Anthurium praemontanum
Anthurium pranceanum
Anthurium procerum
Anthurium prolatum
Anthurium prominens
Anthurium propinquum
Anthurium propinquum var. albispadix
Anthurium protensum
Anthurium protensum ssp. arcuatum
Anthurium protensum ssp. protensum
Anthurium pseudoclavigerum
Anthurium pseudospectabile
Anthurium psilostachyum
Anthurium psilurum
Anthurium ptarianum
Anthurium puberulinervium
Anthurium puelanum
Anthurium pulchellum
Anthurium pulverulentum
Anthurium pulverulentum var. adsimile
Anthurium punctatum
Anthurium purdieanum
Anthurium purdieanum var. revolutum
Anthurium purpureospathum
Anthurium purpureum
Anthurium x pynaertii [(A. andreanum x A. lindenianum) x A. andreanum]
Anthurium pyrifolium
Anthurium quindiuense
Anthurium quinquenervium
Anthurium quinquesulcatum
Anthurium quitense
Anthurium radiatum
Anthurium radicans
Anthurium rafaelense
Anthurium raimundii
Anthurium ramonense
Anthurium ranchoanum
Anthurium ravenii
Anthurium redolens
Anthurium reflexinervium
Anthurium reflexum
Anthurium regale
Anthurium x regelii (A. trilobum x A. ochranthum)
Anthurium remotigeniculatum
Anthurium reptans
Anthurium resectum
Anthurium reticulatum
Anthurium reticulatum var. truncatulum
Anthurium retiferum
Anthurium retusum
Anthurium rhizophorum
Anthurium rhodorhizum
Anthurium rhodostachyum
Anthurium ricaurtense
Anthurium x ridolfianum
Anthurium rigescens
Anthurium rigidifolium
Anthurium x rigousti hort.
Anthurium rimbachii
Anthurium riofrioi
Anthurium riograndicolum
Anthurium rionegrense
Anthurium riparium
Anthurium rivulare
Anthurium rivulorum
Anthurium x robustum hort. (A. regale x A. sp.)
Anthurium robustum
Anthurium rodrigueziae
Anthurium roraimense
Anthurium x rosaeflorum hort.
Anthurium roseospadix
Anthurium x roseum hort.
Anthurium x rothschildianum hort.
Anthurium rotundilobum
Anthurium x rotundispathum (A. lindenianum x A. andreanum)
Anthurium rotundistigmatum
Anthurium rubescens
Anthurium rubrifructum
Anthurium rubrinervium
Anthurium rugulosum
Anthurium rupestre
Anthurium rupicola
Anthurium rzedowskii
Anthurium saccardoi
Anthurium sagawae
Anthurium sagittale
Anthurium sagittatum
Anthurium sagittellum
Anthurium x salmoneum hort. (A. lindenianum x A. andreanum)
Anthurium salvadorense
Anthurium salviniae
Anthurium sanctifidense
Anthurium x sanderi hort.
Anthurium sanguineum
Anthurium santiagoense
Anthurium sapense
Anthurium sarmentosum
Anthurium sarmentosum var. brachypodum
Anthurium sarmentosum var. ficifolium
Anthurium sarukhanianum
Anthurium saxosum
Anthurium scaberulum
Anthurium scabrinerve
Anthurium scabrinerve var. lloense
Anthurium scandens : Pearl Laceleaf
Anthurium scandens ssp. pusillum
Anthurium scandens ssp. scandens
Anthurium scandens var. dolosum
Anthurium scandens var. latifolium
Anthurium scandens var. leucocarpum
Anthurium scandens var. ovalifolia
Anthurium scandens var. scandens
Anthurium scandens var. sodiroi
Anthurium scherzerianum : Flamingo Plant, Banner Plant
Anthurium scherzerianum var. albo-punctatum
Anthurium scherzerianum var. albo-striatum
Anthurium scherzerianum var. atrosanguineum hort.
Anthurium scherzerianum var. aurorae hort.
Anthurium scherzerianum var. bruxellense
Anthurium scherzerianum var. carnotianum
Anthurium scherzerianum var. eburneum
Anthurium scherzerianum var. foliatum
Anthurium scherzerianum var. gallicum
Anthurium scherzerianum var. gandavense
Anthurium scherzerianum var. giganteum
Anthurium scherzerianum var. minutepunctatum
Anthurium scherzerianum var. peetersianum
Anthurium scherzerianum var. rodigasianum
Anthurium scherzerianum var. rotundispathaceum
Anthurium scherzerianum var. stipitatum
Anthurium scherzerianum var. vallerandiae
Anthurium scherzerianum var. viridescens
Anthurium scherzerianum var. viridimaculata
Anthurium scherzerianum var. williamsii
Anthurium schlechtendalii
Anthurium schlechtendalii ssp. jimenezii
Anthurium schlechtendalii ssp. schlechtendalii
Anthurium x schmidtscheni hort
Anthurium schottianum
Anthurium schunkei
Anthurium sclerophyllum
Anthurium seibertii
Anthurium seleri
Anthurium selloum
Anthurium sellowianum
Anthurium septuplinervium
Anthurium siccisilvarum
Anthurium signatum
Anthurium silanchense
Anthurium silvicolum
Anthurium silvigaudens
Anthurium simpsonii
Anthurium sinuatum
Anthurium smaragdinum
Anthurium smilaciforme
Anthurium smithii
Anthurium sodiroanum
Anthurium soederstroemii
Anthurium solitarium
Anthurium solomonii
Anthurium soukupii
Anthurium sparreorum
Anthurium spathiphyllum
Anthurium spathulifolium
Anthurium spectabile
Anthurium x splendidum hort
Anthurium standleyi
Anthurium stans
Anthurium stenoglossum
Anthurium stipitatum
Anthurium stipulosum
Anthurium striatipes
Anthurium striatum
Anthurium striolatum
Anthurium stuebelii
Anthurium subcarinatum
Anthurium subcaudatum
Anthurium subcoerulescens
Anthurium subcordatum
Anthurium subcordatum ssp. chlorocardium
Anthurium subdeltoideum
Anthurium subellipticum
Anthurium subhastatum
Anthurium subovatum
Anthurium. subrotundum
Anthurium subsagittatum
Anthurium subscriptum
Anthurium subsignatum
Anthurium subsignatum var. garagaranum
Anthurium subsignatum var. rotundilobatum
Anthurium subtriangulare
Anthurium subtrigonum
Anthurium subtrilobum
Anthurium subtruncatum
Anthurium subulatum
Anthurium sucrii
Anthurium sulcatum
Anthurium superbum
Anthurium superbum ssp. brentberlinii
Anthurium supianum
Anthurium supraglandulum
Anthurium sytsmae
Anthurium tacarcunense
Anthurium tachiranum
Anthurium tamaense
Anthurium tarapotense
Anthurium tatei
Anthurium tenaense
Anthurium tenerum
Anthurium tenuicaule
Anthurium tenuifolium
Anthurium tenuispica
Anthurium teribense
Anthurium terracolum
Anthurium terryae
Anthurium testaceum
Anthurium theresiopolitanum
Anthurium thrinax
Anthurium tikunorum
Anthurium tilaranense
Anthurium timplowmanii
Anthurium tingomariense
Anthurium titanium
Anthurium tlaxiacense
Anthurium tolimense
Anthurium tonduzii
Anthurium tonianum
Anthurium treleasei
Anthurium trianae
Anthurium tricarinatum
Anthurium tridigitatum
Anthurium x trilobum hort.
Anthurium trinerve
Anthurium trinervium
Anthurium triphyllum
Anthurium trisectum
Anthurium trisulcatum
Anthurium truncicolum
Anthurium truncicolum var. brevilobum
Anthurium truncicolum var. platylobum
Anthurium tutense
Anthurium tysonii
Anthurium uleanum
Anthurium uleanum var. nanayense
Anthurium uleanum var. uleanum
Anthurium umbraculum
Anthurium umbricolum
Anthurium umbricolum var. rupicolum
Anthurium umbrosum
Anthurium upalaense
Anthurium urbanii
Anthurium utleyorum
Anthurium validifolium
Anthurium validinervium
Anthurium vallense
Anthurium x van wambekeanum hort.
Anthurium variabile var. ottonianum
Anthurium variabile var. variabile
Anthurium variegatum
Anthurium vaupesianum
Anthurium veitcheum hort.
Anthurium veitchii
Anthurium veitchii var. acuminatum
Anthurium veitchii var. veitchii
Anthurium velutium
Anthurium venosum
Anthurium ventanasense
Anthurium verapazense
Anthurium versicolor
Anthurium vestitum
Anthurium vinillense
Anthurium viridescens
Anthurium vittariiflolium
Anthurium vittariifolium
Anthurium vomeriforme
Anthurium vulcanicum
Anthurium wagenerianum
Anthurium wallisii
Anthurium waluiewi
Anthurium wambeckeanum
Anthurium warocqueanum
Anthurium watermaliense
Anthurium weberbaueri
Anthurium wedelianum
Anthurium wedelianum ssp. viridispadix
Anthurium wedelianum ssp. wedelianum
Anthurium wendlingeri
Anthurium werffii
Anthurium willdenowii
Anthurium willdenowii var. brevifolium
Anthurium willdenowii var. pohlii
Anthurium willifordii
Anthurium x wittmackii hort.
Anthurium wolfii
Anthurium wullschlagelii
Anthurium wurdackii
Anthurium xanthoneurum
Anthurium xanthophylloides
Anthurium yarumalense
Anthurium yetlense
Anthurium yurimaguense
Anthurium yutajense



Philodendrons come in a multitude of varieties, with all sorts of leaf shapes and colors, most philos can be grown in low light. Some grow in a bush form like the selloum. Some varieties are trained to grow on a pole to create a slender upright shaped plant. These pole plants must be continuously pruned to keep the vines on the pole. If the pole is wooden it will eventually rot, causing the plant to lean over. Styrofoam poles will break if you're not careful.


These fast growing plants have vining tendencies. Most people prefer a full, leafy looking plant, so it is important to trim back new growth on the vine tips. This keeps the plant full and helps prevent the plant from looking stringy.

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