You and your family make lots of activities in your home. Enjoy your breakfast or dinner with your family at dining room. In the home, the living area, or the receiving room, is one of the busiest rooms. Share happiness and laughter in your living room and more activities in your home.
In the home, the living area, or the receiving room, is one of the busiest rooms. Make your living room more than just a nice place to watch TV. Create a comforting and comfortable living space that's as stylish as it is functional. Reflect your family's lifestyle with decorating inspiration for family and Living rooms.
Another room that you and your family use every day is dining room. You may agree that dining room is not just a place to sit and eat delicious meals when you hungry but dining room also a place to interaction, make conversations and share the goodness of life with your family. Shelling out vast amounts of money on to enhance Dining Room is worthy enough to do. You can buy new chairs and tables to enhance your dining room.
Bedroom also one of most visited room. You take a rest and sleep there. You can enhance your bedroom by repainting your bedroom wall or cover it with wallpaper then relocate your bedroom furniture. If you don’t satisfied yet, you can change them with new bedrooms furniture.

Stylized Weeping Fig Starter Live Bonsai Tree - IndoorInformal bonsai with small, shiny dark green leaves which are thicker than the standard ficus leaf but thinner than a Jade leaf.
It is tough, durable and responds well to normal house plant care. Develops a thick trunk and aerial roots at a relatively early age. Very easy indoor care. This tree is one of the best of the ficus for indoor and tropical bonsai.
Proper Name: Ficus orientalis The plant you will receive is growing in a 4" pot, about 8" tall, 3/4 inch diameter stylized trunk, exposed roots and well branched.
Stylized Weeping Fig Starter Live Bonsai Tree - Indoor Product Features :
Easy to trim.
Easy to grow.
Great for indoor culture.
Great under artificial light.
Normal house plant care.

Get more information and Buy Stylized Weeping Fig Starter Live Bonsai Tree - Indoor

Croton Tortoise ShellThis is Croton Tortoise Shell.
This Croton or Puring known as Croton Tortoise Shell because the thickness, form and texture of the leaf is quite similar to those of a Turtle shell.
Elton Mark Jimenez - The Green Planet Flower Garden - Davao City, Philippines.

You can contact and buy flowers here :
Croton Tortoise Shell

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Cell phone makes our business easier. We contact each other when needed. You can order flowers from your supplier at anytime. Today cell phone is become important for us to run our business.
When you purchase a cell phone not from gadget shop but you from service provider that promote their network product and offer cheaper or lower prices than regular cell phone prices, the company that sold you the phone already 'locked' the phone before you bought it, so you can only use it on their network. This means that you cannot use your phone on any other network, even if you change the SIM card. In theory, all you need to do is swap the SIM account card in the phone. But some service providers 'lock' the phone they sell you. The good news is you can unlock your lock cell phone. Depending on your phone, you might be able to do that by punching in a code, by buying a cable, or by sending it to a professional unlocking service.
For you who don’t want take risk damaging your cell phone, there are lots of services that offer to provide unlocking capabilities for some money. You can use their service but you must be careful .There are a lot of scam sites out there offering to unlock your cell phone instantly for lower prices but they cannot get you a real unlock. Chose only Cell Phone Unlocking service that legitimate and guaranteed.

Sometime maybe you feel boring with your home interior. Maybe you are boring with your bedroom and your dining furniture. If you feel that way, maybe it is time to redecorate your home interior and make changes your home interior and make your home interior more beautiful and more attractive.
You can start changes by your bedroom. Repainting your bedroom wall or cover it with wallpaper then rearranges location of your bedroom furniture. If you don’t satisfied yet, you can change them with new Bedroom furniture.
Next step is time to redecorate your dining room. You can enhance your dining room just like your bedroom. Repaint your dining room wall color or cover them with wallpaper. Relocate you’re your dining room furniture and maybe you can change your old chairs and table with new Dining room furniture. If your interior room bigger enough, maybe you can add bar furniture to make your living room more pleasure place.
Last advice, in choosing your furniture, you must plan wisely and carefully. Don’t spend all you money for your satisfaction only. Keep your budget reasonable to recoup the cost of the renovation. It will be great if you search Discount Furniture before you buy your new furniture. You can save lots of money than if you buy at normal prices.

Indoor Starter's Bonsai - Mini Indoor Upright Tree Style Bonsai for Home or Office DeskThis indoor bonsai plant is unique in several aspects: It can survive in our regular indoor environment with the help of regular plant light, and a very minimum care. Do not confuse this with a regular jade plant, this special very dwarf bonsai plant will bloom with small flowers above fleshy, creamy, jade-tone, white-edged leaves that transforms the spirit and soothes away stress. In fact, if it is provided with sufficient sunlight, and heat in the summer, the plant continues to covered with deep rose flowers all summer long.

Indoor Starter's Bonsai - Mini Indoor Upright Tree Style Bonsai for Home or Office Desk Product Features :
A gift that would last.
The perfect touch of exotic beauty designed for home or office.
Easy, drought tolerant bonsai that would survive in any indoor setting.
Small leaves with fleshy, creamy white-edged leaves that makes the look most special and interesting.
Come with a shinny finished glass humidity plate, mini folding shears, organic bonsai food, and general bonsai care instruction.

Get more information and Buy Indoor Starter's Bonsai - Mini Indoor Upright Tree Style Bonsai for Home or Office Desk

Croton Carrot

Croton CarrotCroton Carrot
This Croton ( Puring ) is known as the Carrot also because the shape and color of the leaves of this plant are the shape as that of the Carrot vegetable.
The owner of this Croton Carrot is Mr. Elton Mark Jimenez. His Nursery name is The Green Planet Flower Garden - Davao City, Philippines. He sells many flowers. You can email him here:

If you have good flower, bonsai tree, you can send me your pictures. Give information about your flower and other information.
Croton Carrot

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Illness is distressing for anybody, but it's especially disturbing for children. When you have children you know how it fell when you look your child sick and lying on the bed with moaning from pain. It is hurt you and maybe you wish you can take his/her place. Parent will do anything to make their children get well again. Sometimes parent will buy gift for their kids to make them happy and hopefully can make their ill children can get heal faster. When a special child is sick, and he or she want something that they wish, parent will try to make what their child wish come true. But for some reasons sometimes they just could not make their child wish come true. Maybe because economic reason and what their child wish is beyond what they can.
Do you know a special child who is sick, in the hospital or recovering from surgery or in very dangerous situation? There is Wish Fulfillment Program that can help to make the seriously ill child wish come true. Today, this program already has fulfilled thousands of Wishes for children. You can refer a child that you think may qualify to receive Gifts For Sick Children. You can simply contact Children's Wish Foundation office with basic information on the child and Children’s Wish and Foundation International will immediately begin working on initial steps to fulfill the Wish. Visit their site for more information about Gifts For Sick Children

Tamarindus Indica BonsaiTamarindus Indica Pre bonsai. This bonsai tree name in Indonesia is Bonsai Asam.
The owner of this Bonsai is Ms. Putu Runita. This Bonsai Asem is beautiful and big and for sale. You can contact her here :

Tamarindus Indica Pre Bonsai
Tamarindus Indica

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Puring Kura - KuraThis is very beautiful Puring Kura-Kura or Croton Turtle (correct me if I'm wrong ).
The owner is Mr. Frederick Chua- Pitaya Orchards. HP: 012-7713033.
If know about this Puring ( Croton ) don't hesitate to send your comment and give information about this Croton ( Puring )to other Puring lovers.

Puring Kura - Kura
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Sansivera Tom GrimbiSansevieria Tom Grimbi.
The Owner of this sanseviera is Mr. Totok - Mojokerto JAwa Timur
This Sansevieria name in Indonesia is Sansivera Tom Grimbi.

If you have any information about this sansevieria. Don't hesitate to emailme
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Bonsai Wahong

Bonsai WahongBonsai Wahong (Premna mycrophylla).
This bonsai plant is beautiful. The owner of this bonsai is Mr. Bambang Prijo S.S. – Tulungagung – East Java.

He change the original wahong leaves with sancang leaves by grafting.
If you have any good bonsai picture plants, don't hesitate to send them.
Bonsai Wahong
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Sansevieria PinguinculaSansevieria pinguicula. This sanse is very rare species that looks more like a dwarf Agave. Painfully slow growing but quite impressive when mature. First discovered and named by Peter Bally in 1964.

The leaf color can vary from a pale green to beautiful blue. The leaves are tipped with a very hard light brown and lethal spine. It offsets by above ground branches which terminate in new plantlets which are carried above the ground on stilt-like roots. It appears to be walking hence the common name of "Walking Sansevieria".
In Indonesia people name this Sansevieria plant as sansivera penguin or sansivera Pinguinculata.
Sansevieria Pinguincula

Hair loss, thinning of hair and balding are some of the common hair problems. About 25 percent of men begin balding by age 30 and two-thirds begin losing hair by age 60, according to the American Medical Association. Because this hair condition has become very common, especially among men, most people see it as something normal rather than some kind of disease. Some hair loss is a normal part of the hair growth cycle. In fact, we typically lose 50 to 150 scalp hairs every day. Baldness happens when hair loss occurs at an abnormally high rate or when hair replacement occurs at an abnormally slow rate.

When balding happens to you and you want re-grow your hair, my suggestion for you is comparing several hair loss products on the market and use only proven Hair Loss Products.
Although certain types of medicine are known to slow down the process of hair loss and even help with some form of hair re-growth, remember that natural hair loss treatment and Hair Loss Products can yield some of the best benefits for anyone concerned about the health of their hair. So, try to use herbal treatment and natural supplements to re grow your hair.


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