Aglonema  LegacyHere another picture of Aglaonema Legacy.

If you have good picture, you can contribute with sending your plant picture here.
Aglaonema  Legacy

VFT Red Dragonone of carnivorous plants or in Indonesia name tanaman buas.
This plant name is Venus Fly Traps Red Dragon.

This VFT Red Dragon belong to mr. sugeng - Solo. He had a lots. He grow from seed, and buy from carnivorous plant shops. if you interest, dont hesitate to share your picture and tip for carnivorous plant care
Venus Fly Traps Red Dragon

Black BeautyHookerie Black Beauty

This picture from Mr. Elton Mark C. Jimenez - Philippines. He have lots collections. You can order by send him email. here his email
Hokerie Black Beauty

SansiveraThis is another picture of sansivera gold flame.

Previous goldflame you cafine here

Puringcodiaeum variegatum ( croton ) or in Indonesian name Puring.

Crotons are tropical and sub-tropical shrubs coming in scores of colors and dozens of leaf shapes as well. If you have picture of this plant or want share your tips. Pls leave comment

anthurium hokerie hijauPicture of anthurium hokerie. It's name is anthurium green hokerie or hokerie hijau in indonesia.
If you have other name or want corret this plant name, pls leave comment

Anthurium Hokerie
anthurium hokerie hijau

jenmanii jatiPicture of Anthurium Jenmanii Jati

The owner of this Anthurium Plant is mr.Bing from Madiun - Indonesia.
If you want to share picture of your tropical plants just write comment
Anthurium Jenmanii jati

One of many technique to make adenium plant more beautiful is by root program.
Adenium repairing root

Indonesian people name it as" Program adenium akar seribu"
Here the steps :
1. Cut the adenium root like shown on picture.
2. Hang for between 5 days to 1 week.
3. Put you adenium plant back to pot. Use Styrofoam, cd rom plate or else as base.
4. Fill up with adenium media.
3-4 month later i will post picture the result this Adenium repairing root program
Adenium repairing rootAdenium repairing root step1

Adenium repairing root step2

Adenium repairing root step3

Adenium repairing root step4


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