Aglaonema - Also called 'Sri Rejeki' or 'Chinese Evergreen' is an ornamental plant from the Araceae family (aroids). Now days hundreds of Aglaonemas hybrids has cultivated with more and more attractive and colourfull appearances.

here the list name (some in indonesian name):

Aglaonema Adelia
Aglaonema Alexander
Aglaonema Black Lipstick
Aglaonema Candy Baby
Aglaonema Chiang May
Aglaonema Chowang
Aglaonema Donna Carmen Oranye
Aglaonema Donna Carmen Ungu
Aglaonema Dud Unyamanee/ Anjamani
Aglaonema Golden Lipstick
Aglaonema Hailai
Aglaonema Hot Lady
Aglaonema Jack Hanny
Aglaonema King of Siam
Aglaonema King of Siam
Aglaonema Kochin Tembaga
Aglaonema Kokem
Aglaonema Lady Valentine
Aglaonema Legacy
Aglaonema Lulaiwan
Aglaonema Luxphon
Aglaonema Manee Srisuk
Aglaonema Ming Mongkol
Aglaonema Miss Thai
Aglaonema Northern Star
Aglaonema Paramruay
Aglaonema Petita
Aglaonema Pride of Sumatera
Aglaonema Red Chilli
Aglaonema Red Kochin
Aglaonema Red Ruby
Aglaonema Ruby
Aglaonema Ruby Soft
Aglaonema Ruby Tembaga
Aglaonema Tiara
Aglaonema Treasure of Siam
Aglaonema Tricolor
Aglaonema Widuri

Anthurium care

To get continual blossoms, you will need to use a blooming plant food. Look for a food where the middle number is the largest of the three numbers, representing high phosphoric acid content. When the first number, representing Nitrogen, is the largest number, it is good foliage plant food, and the third number, representing Soluble Potash, is for stronger root development, which is a good transplanting food. Feed your Antherium every other month to ensure a healthy blooming plant. With the Anthurium, as with any houseplant, the more light, the more foliage, the more water, the more plant food.

One common problem with blooming plants is they seem to come with gnats. Gnats are the small black pesky flies that seem to fly up your nose and into your eyes! They like dark moist environments. I found the best way to avoid gnats is to keep your decorative containers cleaned out, and don't let water sit in the bottom. If your plants are directly planted in the containers, let them dry to the touch between watering

About anthurium

Anthuriums have been cultivated for many decades for cut flower production. Since the mid 1980's, Anthurium's popularity as a flowering pot plant has increased dramatically and has become a popular addition to many foliage growers' product lines. Anthuriums are relatively easy to grow, have attractive foliage and under the proper environment, produce long lasting flowers year round. Currently, numerous cultivars with different flower sizes, shapes, colors and some with delicate fragrances are available for the consumer. Commercially, Anthuriums are grown throughout the world with the heaviest concentrations in the United States (Florida), the Netherlands and asia.

Seeding adenium

this is steps how to seed adenium:
1. Prepare media
2. mix media
3. Prepare pot and put media
4. make a hole
5. Prepare seeds
6&7. Put seeds on pot
8. Cover with media
9. Watering
10. After 1-2 month
please just emailme if you have any question about seeding.


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