Picture of Hokeri Red Cobra - Anthurium Plant.
It has red stem and beautiful leafs. The owner of this plant is Maharani Garden Nursery - Ngawi - East Java. This Picture taken from Plants exhibition at Giant Supermarket Surabaya - February 2008. The price of this plant is very expensive.

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Hokeri Red Cobra

Adenium Grafting Flat TechniqueThere is other Adenium Grafting Technique than Adenium Grafting V Technique.
It call Adenium Grafting Flat Technique.
The advantages of this methode are :

  1. Less branch /scion needed.
  2. The result more clean and better look than V Technique

Step by step Adenium tip:
1. Use Sharp and Sterile knife.
2. Cut Rootstock Stem and scion with Flat Methode
3. Tied as shown on picture
4. Wrap with plastic bag to keep the humidity
5. Open the plastic bag and tie after 10 to 15 days.

Tutorial Adenium Graftting Flat Technique


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