Anthurium Black BurgundyPicture of Hookerii Hybrid "Black Burgundy".

Hookerii Black Burgundy had Black and Red Stem and Petroles. You can order this plants by send email to
Hookerii Black Burgundy

Silver ArrowThis is picture of Anthurium Silver Arrow. In Indonesia, this plant popular name is Anthurium Keris Silver

This plant's leaves can shine like Silver. The owner is mr.eltonmark jimenez- philipine
Anthurium Keris Silver

Bintang KejoraThis is picture of Anthurium Bintang Kejora

This anthurium plant is popular in Indonesia. This plant id look like Anthurium corong.
The price is cheaper than anthurium jenmanii.Good for your collection
Anthurium Bintang Kejora

Anthurium SuperbumPicture of Anthurium Superbum

The owner of this Anthurium Plant is mr.Elton Mark C. Jimenez - The Green Planet Flower Garden - Davao City, Phillipines. You can buy plants from him. here his email
Anthurium Superbum

Adenium Caudex

adenium CaudiciformsPicture of adenium with big caudex

This Adenium Caudex is very big. And i guess this beauty white adenium flower is Moradoklok.
The owner of this Adenium plant is putu runita. Thank for share.
You can share your picture in this blog too.
Adenium caudex

Hokerii Garuda MerahThis is picture of Anthurium Hokerii Garuda Merah

This plant is still young. If you have better picture of Anthurium Plants or else, please share in this blog.
Anthurium Hokerii Garuda Merah

carnivorous plantPicture of Sarracenia Xcatesbaei

Sarracenia is a genus comprising the nine (or arguably up to thirteen) species of North American pitcher plants. The genus belongs to the family Sarraceniaceae, which also contain the closely allied genera Darlingtonia and Heliamphora.
This carnivorous plant is owned by mr. Sugeng - Solo

Adenium Variegata Snow WhiteThis is picture of Adenium Variegata

This beautifull Adenium variegated name is Snow white. You can see the leaves color are white.And turn to green when become mature leaves.The Flowers are a pale pink.
Adenium Snow White


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