Adenium DwarfHere below are the tricks how to make Adenium Dwarf Form:

1. The first key important thing is to select the seeds that can give the Dwarf Adenium Form. PNW or any mixed hybrid with PNW to do this. PNW seedlings can perform as the muscular branches and chubby style.
2. Use fertilizer that consists of higher P and K, keep using less N
3. Try to make the middle stem to be bigger first then make more side branches come up by using the accelerated hormone for root. Because more root is more side branches!
4. Put the granular fertilizer that consists of N,P,K, and additional nutrients like Ca, Br, Zn, Mn, Mg, etc around the pot border to attract the root wide spread. This also can help caudex bigger.
5. Try to rotate the pot every week to let all branch sides get the sunlight equally or if some side branches are too lengthy, put them in the opposite direction of sunlight.
6. Keep cutting leaves: cut them all if the plant is ready balanced form unless cut the leave comes up with long branch.

These are just some part of techniques, there also depend on some uncontrolled factors such as climate, watering, sunlight and media


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