Philo Jari - PhilodendronPhilodendron Jari.
This Philo plant in Indonesia known as Philo Jari ( Finger ). It because the leaves look like finger.

The Owner of this Pilo Jari is mr. Basuki - Madiun.
Philo Jari

Agave GeminifloraThis is Picture of Agave Geminiflora. Agave is the name of a succulent plant of a large botanical genus of the same name, belonging to the family Agavaceae.

This Agave plant owner is mr. Frederick Chua. You can email him here:
Agave Geminiflora

Jenmani LemonThis is picture of big Anthurium Jenmani Lemon
. This plant look beautiful

The owner is Mitra Utama Nursery. You can buy anthurium plant from this nursery. Here is the address : Jl Diponegoro No. 10 - Magetan.
Anthurium Jenmani Lemon

Premna microphylaThis is picture of Bonsai Plant.
This name is Phemna microphyla.

In Indonesia this Bonsai name is Sancang. This leaf use to be grafted at bonsai wahong.If you want share your bonsai picture in this blog, just send your picture be email, give necessary information.
bonsai Sancang

Jenmani PagodaThis plant is Anthurium Jenmanii Pagoda.

It have beautiful form. The owner is Mitra Utama Nursery - Magetan. You can Buy Anthurium Plant by contact this number 08883439004
Jenmani Pagoda

Adenium YellowGodongijo Nursery claim that they have Yellow Adenium Flower( Adenium bunga Kuning ). It's name is Ye Lo

I just want to say that the Ye Lo not yellow enough. You can see the different between the real adenium ye lo flower and brochure. The real color is pale, not as yellow as brochure.
In this picture, i show you that i can make fake adenium yellow picture too.
I hope this information usefull for you to Buy Adenium Flower.
Adenium Ye-lo

Aglonema - My lovePicture of Aglaonema My love. This Agalonema Plant has beautiful red color motif.Price of this plant is expensive

Aglonema is one of the most favorite indoor plants, as it grows easily with minimum care.
Aglaonema - My love

Hookerii Mawar

Hookeri MawarThis is good picture of
Anthurium Hokerii Mawar

The owner of this Anthurium plant is mr. Gatot Sugiarto - Mulyorejo Tengah 62 - Surabaya. You can buy anthurium Hokeri Mawar from him. Call at : (031)5942327, (031)72056518, 085851097578
Hookerii Mawar

Adenium Magic Green DragonAdenium Magic Green Dragon is mutant from Thailand. Very good if you want to make Adenium bonsai form.

This Adenium plant has small leaves and many branches, almost same with Petite Green and Magic Red Dragon.
The owner is mr. Atek Konterliem - Petemon Barat - Surabaya.
You can buy adenium from him. Here are his phone number : 031-72002251 ; 0818323801
Adenium Magic Green Dragon

Philodendron Orange juicePicture of Philodendron Plant. This philo plant name is Philo Orange juice

You can send your picture if you have plant picture and want to show in this blog
Philo Orange juice

bibit hokeriiPicture of Anthurium hookeri seedling.

The owner of mr. Totok - Mojokerto. These Anthurium hokerii plants are for sale.
anthurium hokerii seedling


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