Cycad Encephalartos feroxThis is pictures of Cycad Encephalartos ferox. The owner is Mrs. Joan ann onari. This plants is about 20 years old or more. You can contact her at
Encephalartos ferox (The Zululand cycad) is a plant found in the bushes KwaZulu Natal north coast to Kosi Bay to Sodwana Bay and Mozambique in the north along the coast to Vilanculos. This was first described in 1851 by Bertolini in Mozambique.

Cycads are often referred to as a "living fossils" and only changed slightly since Carboniferous period 50-60 million years ago.
Encephalartos ferox

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Sansevieria Tom GrumbleyThis is an image from Sansevieria Tom Grumbley . I ever said that this name is Sansivera tom grimbi or tom grumby. Sorry for my miss spell and my miss type.
In Indonesia, we often mention the name of the plant not correctly or give the nickname for some plants.

The price of this Sansevieria plant is quite expensive.
Sansevieria Tom Grumbley

Bonsai Cycas

Bonsai CycasThis is photo of bonsai Cycas. The common name is Cycas revolute (sago cycad) or king sago palm, or just sago palm, it is not a palm at all, but a cycad.There are many kinds of Cycas, and honestly I only have small knowledge about this bonsai Sikas.
What I do really know is that this plant is very interesting and exotic. So if you have any photo of this plant and want to share with us on this blog, please send via email and give some information about your plant

Bonsai Cycas


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