Potted Peace LilyThis tropical evergreen perennial not only tolerates the low light and dry conditions found in most homes, it actually makes the indoors healthier!
This lily produces elegant white flowers lasting about six weeks. As the flowers age, they turn from white to pale green. Its glossy lance-shaped leaves lean out as sails from the center of the lily. The pot has a 5 inch diameter, and the plant stands between 10 and 12 inches tall.
The Peace Lily is one of the nicest gifts you can give a person.
A NASA study rated peace lilies among the top ten air cleaning plants for interiors!

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Philosophy, makeup optional skincare kitGardening is interesting activity. People who love gardening can spend many hours and even days do their activity to make their garden more beautiful. When gardening, most people who love this activity are very excited. Sometime they don’t remember to protect their skin from ultra violet during hot summer months that can burn their skin. They don’t care or forget to wear sunscreen to protect their skin from excessive exposure to UV rays. Ultraviolet radiation comes from the sun and from the blue sky! A large amount of UV is scattered by the atmosphere and comes toward us from the blue sky. Ultraviolet light happens to be one of the main causes of the old-age appearance which includes wrinkles, leathery skin, moles, and patchy pigmentation. Ultraviolet radiation also causes most skin cancers.
Now, after we now about how danger of Ultraviolet radiation for our skin, you should be careful when gardening especially from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Protect your skin when gardening. Use some skincare
product to protect your skin and reduce from UV exposure that can reduce the incidence of melanoma. The best protection from skin cancer is to minimize exposure. Therefore adequate skin protection against ultraviolet radiation has the potential to reduce skin cancer incidence. And if you now have any skin problem, consult with your antiaging doctor or go to the hospital to make sure that your skin is healthy.

Adenium Root ProgramThis is another picture of my Adenium Root Program or in Indonesia popular name is Adenium akar seribu ( 1000 Roots )
If you want to make your own Adenium Root Program, follow this Adenium repairing root

You can emailme if you want to know more about Adenium Root Program.

Adenium Root Program

Adenium Akar Seribu

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Brussel's Jade Indoor Bonsai Tree in Water PotOne of the most popular indoor bonsai, the dwarf jade is also one of the easiest to grow.
This bonsai is three years old, 6 to 8 inches tall, and comes in a 9-inch glazed water pot. Every tree order includes specific growing instructions.
It adapts well to low light, is easy to maintain, responds to any training style, and develops quickly. The jade’s fleshy leaves blend cool shades of pale grey, blue- and dark-green.
Brussel's Jade Indoor Bonsai Tree in Water Pot Product Features:
  • Dwarf jade bonsai; tropical, indoor tree
  • Fleshy, gray, blue- and dark-green foliage
  • Easy to grow; adapts to low-light situations
  • Responds to any training style; develops quickly
  • 3 years old, 6 to 8 inches tall; 9-inch glazed water pot

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sansevieria kirkii var. kirkiiSansevieria kirkii var. kirkii.
This beauty sansevieria picture taken by Ms. Joan ann onari at kadayawan festival,in davao city phils.

Although sansevieria not as popular like anthurium. There are many collectors in Indonesia who like to find rare species and want to spend lots of money to buy sansevieria plant.
sansevieria kirkii var. kirkii

Guardian Alert 911 PhoneDo you have old parent with medical conditions and live alone? It is a big risk let people with difficulty walking or in medical treatment live alone. They may be in danger of falling or other situation that can risk their life. Imagine if your parent or grandparent falling down in the house or garden so badly. They need immediately help but no one around them to help.
The good news is there is new products can help elderly people who live alone. One is for in the home and has a FALL ALERT detector that alerts emergency personnel that they have fallen and can’t even push a button. The other product is a GPS Tracking Bracelet with 2-way speakerphone so they can use it like a cell phone and call for help, or the wearer can be found in cases of wandering due to Alzheimers.
So if your parent or grandparent wants to enjoy independent living in their own home you don’t need to worry anymore. Just choose Medical Alert that uses quality products designed and manufactured by world's leading companies that promises you first class products and personalized service. With the purchase of Medical Alert
parent or grandparent can enjoy safe independent living for life!

River Rock BambooRocks-glass-bamboo. A trio of elements that, when combined, form a statement of elegant simplicity.
By balancing the form and substance of river stones and bamboo stalks with an exquisite glass vase we've created an Impressionistic tropical groove that functions as an intriguing centerpiece or accent.
Comes complete with polished river stones, 7 - 8" bamboo cuttings and a 6" crystalline glass vase.
Water and a little light will keep this daceaena sanderiana, commonly known as lucky bamboo, healthy for a long time to come.

River Rock Bamboo Product Features:
  • This elegant and simple combination of elements creates an original centerpiece or accent
  • Comes complete with polished river stones, 7 - 8" bamboo cuttings and a 6" crystalline glass vase
  • All that these hardy stems need is water and a little light
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36 Assorted Petite RosesBeautiful Roses. You can order three dozen Assorted Petite Roses, the perfect ProFlowers bouquet to say "Thank You", "Happy Anniversary", or "Congratulations". From ProFlowers.
36 Assorted Petite Roses Product Features:
  • Free glass vase with each purchase of a flower bouquet
  • Guaranteed fresh for 7 days
  • Flowers are carefully hand-picked, tied and shipped fresh from the fields
  • in assorted colors
  • Contains 36 Assorted Petite Roses

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sansevieria pinguinculaThis is another picture of Sansevieria Pinguincula. This sansivera won the first price at garden show contest at kadayawan festival,in davao city Philipines. Thank to Joan ann onari who like to share this beautiful picture.

You can email her here: lakevenado06@yahoo.com
 Sansivera Pinguincula

Modloft Modern Furniture: Worth Queen Platform Bed + 2 NightstandsSometime we have to change our old furniture. There are many reasons why we must change our furniture with the new one. The reason maybe you get bore with our old furniture and you want to change with Modern Furniture or Contemporary Furniture. The other reason is your old furniture damage or maybe you have moving to the new house and the size of your new house won’t fit with your furniture or maybe your want to make the harmony style with your Italian house so you want to change your furniture with Italian Furniture

There are many different furniture stores which offer discounts on Modern Furniture or Contemporary Furniture. Just remember that adding the contemporary style to your home does not mean that you will have to empty your wallet, you have to look for the right furniture for you and consider with your budget.
Reflect your family's lifestyle with or your new furniture, Good luck!

Fragrant GardeniaFamous for its aromatic fragrance, the gardenia is an evergreen shrub with waxy white flowers and deep green leaves.This is a very beautiful flower which has wonderful aroma.
This plant arrives nested in an earth-toned bamboo basket to highlight the richness of the leaves and flowers. We specialize in shipping fresh plants, flowers & tomato seedlings all across the country - with replacement or complete money-back guarantee! Ideal for moms, grandmothers, housewarming or any other special occasion.
The gardenia ships in bud form and normally blooms into flower within a few short days.

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Some of you maybe have an old car and you get bored with your car. You don’t satisfy with the look of your car anymore. If you are on that situation, try to make over your car with repainting your car again to make it look shiny again. And if you don’t satisfied yet, you can paint your car with some picture like fire, flower or whatever you like.
If you still don’t satisfy, you can also pimp your car with change the rims and wheels too. You can customize your car by adding a new set custom wheels and rims. There lots of online store that offer many custom wheels product s. Many brand names and type you can easily purchase online. You can choose from a variety of brands. Some of the most famous in this business are Diablo, Enkei, Volk, Katana, Boss, Panther etc.

When you want to buy from car shopping online, be sure that you select the right wheel and rim size for your vehicle. You can have trouble if you choose the wrong size. Do not select the size that's too big for your vehicle because you can make yourself in dangerous situation while you driving.
Compare the price with others store and find the hottest deals and high quality Custom Wheels that fit your needs.

Anthurium Corong VariegatedThis corong variegated won first place on a garden show at kadayawan festival in Davao city Philippine.
The owner is Ms. Joan ann onari.

Here it is her comment:
the plant itself is priceless to the collector even that plant is in craze or not it does not matter anymore, or even not won in any competition but when we grew it as its best the fulfillment is the priceless.

Happy growing....
Anthurium Corong Variegated


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