Sansevieria SunShineSansevieria SunShine.
This sansevieria is very beautiful. The owner is mr. Frederick Chua - Pitaya Orchards.
If you want to talk and ask about this sansivera sunshine, here is his cellphone number: 012-7713033

It is actually a varigated Sansevieria Moonshie with yellow leave edge. It turn out to be very special. Hope to share with all Sansevieria lovers.
Sansevieria SunShine

Moving Tips

There are lots reason why people moving from their old place. Moving often accompanies the best changes in life. For example because new jobs, new apartments, and new relationships. Some people moving because they don't have enough space at home because their children want their own bedroom or having new baby.
No matter what reasons why you are moving, it is better if you prepare and make a plan before moving. Here are some moving storage tips for you if you are the one who want to moving:

Firstly, arrange disconnection and reconnection of services like gas, phone and power. You should cancel any deliveries service like paper, milk or soft drinks. Secondly, your old belongings can make those changes challenging. It's not always possible and desirable to fit all your old furniture stuff like bed dinner set or kitchenware in your new space. For those situations, when you are considering moving, storage of your goods might actually be an alternative solution.
You must find secure storage buildings that are the perfect place to store your possessions. From large furniture to small electrical goods and storage units that also will cater for your clothes and hobby equipment. For anyone in the Chicago area looking for a self-storage solution, Chicago Moving Storage can provide what you need. They can help you for your moving and storage needs. I hope this information helpful for you.

Sansevieria FischeriSansevieria fischeri.
This is picture of adult Sansevieria fischeri. The old name is Sansevieria singularis.
The owner is mr. Basuki - Madiun - Jawa Timur.

This plant is member of the Dracaenaceae family was given this name by W. Marais in 1986. It's found in Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Somalia, growing in well-drained soil with some water and sun. The caudex will grow to 10 centimetres, the leafs to 240 centimetres. The flowers are white, and it can be reproduced by dividing of the caudex and seeds.
If you have other information about this sansivera fischeri, please leave your comment.
Sansivera Fischeri

Many people renovating their house with many different reasons. They renovate because want to make their homes more beautiful and more attractive. Sometimes the reason is they want to have bigger space, giving a new look to the existing space. They change their bathroom vanities with quality products from companies like Fairmont Designs. Some people renovate their home to improving their home’s future resale value. Everyone has a different reason for wanting to renovate. Sometimes it's the simple need for a change. Other times, the motivation is more practical.

Renovations can be very satisfying and rewarding, upgrade your home for reselling and you know an investment in new kitchen and bath fixtures will pay big dividends on the resell market. If you have any plan sell and putting your house on the market within 10 years, you must plan wisely and carefully. Don’t spend all you money for your satisfaction only, remember that you will sell your house for years later. Keeping your budget reasonable to recoup the cost of the renovation, and keep it up to date and classy without crossing into trendy.
If you don’t have plan on selling your own home any time soon, like within the next 10 to 20 years later, go ahead and make over your kitchen and bath as personal and quirky as you want it. Whether you’re getting ready to sell, or you just want a make new look for you and your family, updating the kitchen and bathrooms in your home can be a cost-effective solution, giving new life and a new look to old spaces, and adding value to your home. Bathrooms and kitchens can make lots of different. They can make you feel more comfort or make break a sale if sale your house. If you renovate your bathroom, spend your money wisely, and invest in quality products. D├ęcor your bathroom as much as possible and do your research, check out what comparably price and spend your money with brands like Toto toilets to get the most for your money.
When you renovate your kitchen, it is better to updating paint and finishes rather than opting for a full renovation using low-end products. You don’t want to spend all that time and effort on making over your kitchen only to have the final look and feel ruined by cheap faucets. Look for quality products like faucets by Blanco sinks. It will make your kitchen look good.
Investing in quality is wise, so consider it when you want to renovate your house.

Bromeliad HybridPictures of Bromeliad Hybrid.
These Bromeliad plants owner is Ms. Joan ann onari.

If you have Bromeliad pictures. Please don't hesitate to send your pictures to me.
Bromeliad Hybrid

Blogging is the new form of self expression. Many people write their Personal blog today as their online journal. You can write about yourself, telling people about your hobby and share your pictures or even chat with your friends. If you don’t have personal blog yet, you can create your personal blog by using free blogging services.

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Sansevieria francissiiSansevieria Francissii.
The owner of this Sansivera Fransisi ( Indonesian Name ) is mr. Totok - Mojokerto.
Many people confuse between this Sanse with Sansevieria Gracilis ( I will post later ).

If you have sansevieria plants pictures don't hesitate to send your pictures. Please don't sent small picture and make at least 600 or 800 pixel width

Sansivera Fransisi
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Adenium Bonsai

Adenium BonsaiBeautiful pictures of bonsai adenium.
The owner is Mr. Jai Krishna Agarwal
Lucknow, India. He has about 100 specimens in his collection.

He loves adenium very much. To him, adenium is like a living sculpture and I shape them like one. He likes to share information with people who have similar interest. You contact him here:
Adenium Flower
Flower Adenium
Bonsai Adenium
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