Jenmanii LemonThis is the picture of small Anturium Jenmanii.

From the leaves you can see that this is Anthurium Jenmanii Golden. Or maybe it is Anthurium Jenmanii Lemon?? any comment? You can contribute this blog by put your anthurium picture.
Jenmanii Golden

hokeri variegataThis is picture of Anthurium hokeri varigata

It has white, sometimes yellow spots with orange and sometime red stems with green borders.
The owner is mr elton Mark Jimenez. If you want buy anthurium plant,you can contact him at
hokeri varigata


JENMANIHere another Picture of Anthurium plant. It call Jenmanii Mawar in Indonesia.

If you want to upload your picture or want sell your plant in here just leave comment.

JENMANII KolPicture of Anthurium Jenmanii Jaipong

The owner claim that it is Jenmani Jaipong. But it is look like Jenmanii Cobra or Jenmani Kol. Do you have other name of this Anthurium plant?Any Comments??
Jenmanii Jaipong

hokeriThis is the picture of anthurium Hookerii Varigata

The owner is mr Elton Mark C. Jimenez - philiphine.
You can share your picture too, just leave your comment.
Variagated Hookerii

Drosera Capillaris - carnivorous plantsPicture of Drosera capillaris. The owner of this carnivorous plant is mr sugeng from solo.

Drosera capillaris, the pink or spathulate-leaved sundew is a small carnivorous plant of the family Droseraceae in the genus Drosera. They are frequently found in wet pine flatwoods and bogs of the southeastern United States, ranging from eastern Texas east to Florida and north to Virginia, as well as in some areas of the Caribbean. They thrive in moist, acidic soil.
Drosera capillaris

Jenmanii Mangkok Hybrid
It is a new hybrid of Jenmanii, it is a cross between a Jenmanii Mangkok and Marie Hybrid

the characteristics of its leaves from Jenmanii Mangkok while it acquired its red(sometimes black) stems from Marie Hybrid. The owner is mr Elton Mark C. Jimenez from philiphine. You can email him here :
You can share your picture too, just leave your comment.
Jenmanii Mangkok & Marie


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