Type adenium ( desert rose ) ~ Adenium, Bonsai, Gardening Tips and Flower guide

1. Adenium Obesum Redseeds has bright colour ; white and pink with numbers of order, we will discount you with a great prices.
2. Arabicum Yak Saudi has very wide caudex, it is in Giant species, lot of flowers, bright pink colour. If you keep looking after them, they can be grown much more bigger and they are so popular for the collectors
3. Somalenes give fascinating pink. It always gets interested for gardening, decorations. It has outstanding charactors; vertically straight up stems then branches at the top like Bon-Sei. It flowers through everywhere around the tree and the leaves are long, narrow as the symbol of this species. It’s the popular one of the Kind as well.
4. Arabicum Ra Shi nee pan dok is the same species as Yak Saudi but Ra Shi nee would give more flowers than Yak Saudi. When it flowers, blooming spread through everywhere around the tree. The collectors are always interested in this one as well. The differences that you can notice is underneath the Ra Chi Nee ’s leaves doesn’t have soft, gently hair like the Yak Saudi ones.
5. Socotranum is the most biggest Adeniums and the most popular one for the collectors. Because of the outstanding shapes, varying stems and stunning colour so they mostly get them to graw as Bon-Sai ones.


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