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Seeding adenium

this is steps how to seed adenium:
1. Prepare media
2. mix media
3. Prepare pot and put media
4. make a hole
5. Prepare seeds
6&7. Put seeds on pot
8. Cover with media
9. Watering
10. After 1-2 month
please just emailme if you have any question about seeding.


  1. RSRawat said...
    The pic shows that the seeds have been inserted almost vertically or at a slant. Why? Also, the feathers on the upper side have not been completely removed. Any specific reason? Then you are covering the seeds completely. What if the seeds are merely placed horizontally in the compost without covering?
    R said...
    Awesome information!

    Is it possible if you could extend this way of propagation?

    I want to know how long does it take from the seedling to become a big show-stopper. It probably depends on the variety, but I just want to know the typical Desert Rose plant growth --from seed to adult and/orwhen it will flower.
    agblog said...
    For RsRawat, now i prefer to put your Adenium Seed horizontal. The feather not completely remove just because too much feather to be remove. No special reason.

    For R, it is not depend on type of adenium. Adenium obesum, Arabicum or thai socotranum grow at same time after 3-7 days. And base on my experience the size will not to much different. IF you fertil soil, your Adenium will have 3-5cm diameter at six months.

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