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One of many technique to make adenium plant more beautiful is by root program.
Adenium repairing root

Indonesian people name it as" Program adenium akar seribu"
Here the steps :
1. Cut the adenium root like shown on picture.
2. Hang for between 5 days to 1 week.
3. Put you adenium plant back to pot. Use Styrofoam, cd rom plate or else as base.
4. Fill up with adenium media.
3-4 month later i will post picture the result this Adenium repairing root program
Adenium repairing rootAdenium repairing root step1

Adenium repairing root step2

Adenium repairing root step3

Adenium repairing root step4

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  1. Anonymous said...
    manteb deh blog nya, emang lg butuh nih info2 tentang taneman yg lg in skrg2 ini. trims berat bgt ya dah bagi2 infonya....semoga sukses selalu

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