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Recently, many farmers and plant nursery sell their plants and flowers online. But many of them still sell their plants manually. They post the picture, give the price, email contact and wait until someone who interesting with their flower email them. For the buyers or plant collectors, they must email the seller first. Ask them how the payment method, where to tranfer the money and other steps before transaction done. It is ok if you just sell few flowers. But if you want sell lots plant regularly and have many items of flowers, plants or even bonsai. It is very too hard to handle manually.

If you want to build an online business, you need shopping cart software.
The problem is, there are too many shopping carts out there. Free and pay shopping carts. Which one should you pick?
When you decide to open an online store, you have a number of options to to finding the best shopping cart software. Choosing the appropriate shopping cart software is possibly the first, most important task. Then look at live stores powered by each shopping cart.
If you want to buy ecommerce software, read user reviews first, and test the vendors' customer service if they have nice support.
I hope this information is useful for you to start online store using ecommerce software.
Good luck!


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