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Few months ago, many people became rich by selling anthurium plant, but a lot of people lost their money. They spend a lot of money to buy anthurium plant and they were too late to sole their plants. The price drop too fast before they can sale their plants, not even one piece! And now they are facing bankruptcy. They can’t pay bill and their endowment policy.

If you are in this situation, and want to surrender your endowment policy, please reconsider it. There is better option than surrender. You can sell your policies to other investors. By selling endowment policies you can gain higher prices.
Most of endowment policy holders did not know that they had the option of selling them on the open market because insurance companies did not told endowment policy holders that they could get a better deal by selling their policies to other investors rather than surrendering them. So if you facing urgent need for cash, you can by selling them instead of surrendering them to the insurance company.
If you doesn't know about endowment policies, there are plenty of people around you who are more than willing to offer advice and provide you with information. Ask them to help you. Good luck!


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