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Adenium Bonsai

Adenium BonsaiBeautiful pictures of bonsai adenium.
The owner is Mr. Jai Krishna Agarwal
Lucknow, India. He has about 100 specimens in his collection.

He loves adenium very much. To him, adenium is like a living sculpture and I shape them like one. He likes to share information with people who have similar interest. You contact him here:
Adenium Flower
Flower Adenium
Bonsai Adenium
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  1. upma said...
    Amazing ....
    your first and second bonsai looks like as if there is some human sitting in some "Yoga Mudra".
    GoGreen said...
    Beautiful, espacially fully bloomed one .Sir can you give some tips how we can grow Adenium with full of flowers.
    Hort Log said...
    These Adeniums are truly wonderful labour of love! Thanks, you have given me inspiration what to do with my mini Adeniums.

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