AeroGarden Pro100 with Gourmet Herb Seed Kit ~ Adenium, Bonsai, Gardening Tips and Flower guide

AeroGarden Pro100 with Gourmet Herb Seed KitWith AeroGrow's AeroGarden garden kit, it's easy to cultivate lettuce, cherry tomatoes, herbs, chili peppers, edible flowers, and more in an energy-efficient, organic-based environment right in the kitchen.
Enjoy fresh greens at every meal no matter what the season. Plug kits for many kinds of plants are available from AeroGrow.
The AeroGarden system monitors itself to create ideal growing conditions for each plant and alerts you when it's time to add more water and nutrients. No dirt or natural light is needed, so even low-light spaces are suitable.
Plant Germination Equipment Product Features :
  • User friendly, low maintenance, simple enough for grade school children
  • Proven by NASA as the highest yielding plant growth technology on the planet.
  • Can be used for "seed to feed" harvesting direct from the unit, as well as sprouting, transplants, propagation, cuttings, and mixed variety planting.
  • Uses customized combinations of software and hardware to create a simple, reliable, self-watering, self-feeding, auto-grow system.
  • Organic based, 100% natural

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