EarthBox RB-EB-GRN-PBB Garden Kit ~ Adenium, Bonsai, Gardening Tips and Flower guide

EarthBox RB-EB-GRN-PBB Garden KitThe Earth Box is an innovative approach to containergardening. Double your yields of vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers with less fertilizer, less watering, and no weeding at all with the EarthBox Garden growing system. The patented EarthBox was developed by commercial farmers and proven in the lab and on the farm to bolster yields while consuming fewer resources. It also takes up less space, letting you grow healthy, robust veggies, fruits and more on the balcony rail or inside on the windowsill.
EarthBox RB-EB-GRN-PBB Garden Kit Product Features:
  • Sets up in just minutes to grow anywhere, indoors or outdoors
  • Wheeled garden box growing kit with fertilizer, dolomite, 2 germination covers
  • Great for cultivating vegetables, herbs and flowers on windowsills, decks, balconies
  • Just add planting mix, seedlings and water; includes foolproof instructions
  • Measures 30 by 13-1/2 by 12 inches (l x w x h); 2-1/2-cubic-foot soil capacity

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