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Adenium socotranum

Adenium socotranum is from the isolated island of Socotra in the Indian Ocean south of the Arabian peninsula and east of the Horn of Africa.

It can grow very big, with massive trunks up to 10 ft tall and 8 ft in diameter! For many years Socotra hosted a Soviet naval port and was off limits to most everyone, restricting the availability of plants and seeds. In recent years it is accessible, but the authorities are very protective of the natural resources and it is illegal to collect plant material of any type. Now farmer in Thailand had cultivation adenium socotranum. They made hand pollination adenium and make new Adenium Thai socotranum like :
Thai Socotranum Golden Crown, Adenium Socotranum Diamond Crown,Petch Ba na, Thai Socotranum S1, Kao hin son and Golden Bell.
Mostly, these socrotranum adenium seeds is big. its about 1.5-2 centimeter


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