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Propagation Adenium

Adenium Arabicum, adenium obesum, adenium socotranum can be propagated by adenium seeds, cutting, air-layering and grafting adenium. Adenium multiflorum, Adenium swazicum, Adenium somalense, Adenium bohemianum and more variety can be propagation with all methods above too. All methods have each benefit.

Here Adenium plant tip for you.
1. Adenium seeds.
Adenium Seed Propagation. You can planting adenium obesum seed with my adenium tip Step by step Seeding adenium. Learn how growing adenium obesum so you can make your adenium plant grow fast.
2. Cutting Adenium branch or stem. Wait until 2-3 day before you plant. It will reduce rot.
3. Air-layering. Safer method than Cutting
4. Grafting. Common method. Use bigger adenium plants as rootstock and graft with other adenium plant. Usually to change adenium flower. Here Step by step Adenium tip for Grafting Adenium


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