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ANTHURIUM JENMANII SERAT GOLDENHere the picture of anthurium plant - anthurium Jenmanii. It called anthurium JENMANII SERAT GOLDEN.

The owner is - Madiun - Indonesia.
If you want to share your picture in this blog or want to sell anthurium plant just leave comment.Any advice for anthurium care or anthurium flower are welcome,just leave your anthurium tips on comment.


  1. said...
    You have a very nice plant. I can give you a nice price if you collect anthuruim. We are one of the suppliers in bangkok. Mr. Sukarte just bought a few hundreds from us. You can mail me your request at said...
    I collect all kinds of anthuruims also. Right now we are propagating hanging, broad leaf and variagated types of anthuruims. If you are interested please write me at
    zinnia said...
    I'm a huge fan of anthurium. I've bought myself this species. Anyone could tell me whether this kind has any flower?

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