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Philosophy, makeup optional skincare kitGardening is interesting activity. People who love gardening can spend many hours and even days do their activity to make their garden more beautiful. When gardening, most people who love this activity are very excited. Sometime they don’t remember to protect their skin from ultra violet during hot summer months that can burn their skin. They don’t care or forget to wear sunscreen to protect their skin from excessive exposure to UV rays. Ultraviolet radiation comes from the sun and from the blue sky! A large amount of UV is scattered by the atmosphere and comes toward us from the blue sky. Ultraviolet light happens to be one of the main causes of the old-age appearance which includes wrinkles, leathery skin, moles, and patchy pigmentation. Ultraviolet radiation also causes most skin cancers.
Now, after we now about how danger of Ultraviolet radiation for our skin, you should be careful when gardening especially from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Protect your skin when gardening. Use some skincare
product to protect your skin and reduce from UV exposure that can reduce the incidence of melanoma. The best protection from skin cancer is to minimize exposure. Therefore adequate skin protection against ultraviolet radiation has the potential to reduce skin cancer incidence. And if you now have any skin problem, consult with your antiaging doctor or go to the hospital to make sure that your skin is healthy.


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